Os Hassums

Despite the chaos, the must-see spots, the food poisoning, and the lost-in-translation moments, the memories of family vacations are preserved in the poorly framed photos and the laughs shared over the pickles encountered along the way.

In "Os Hassums", comedian Leandro Hassum embarks on a motorhome journey with his family through the United States and explores the pains and delight of traveling with loved ones.

The show's identity takes a contemporary spin on the retro and kitsch visuals associated with travel postcards, motorhomes, and motel graphics adding saturated colors and expressive type to their air of faded glory.

︎ Credits:
Design: Bárbara Abbês
Motion Design: Renan Vasconcelos
Typeface: BN Dime, Bandit, BN Grizzly, Banco, Oakley, Albuquerque, Fraunces and Eubie Script