quartz field guides

Every week, Quartz publishes a field guide to a different topic or industry. Each guide contains five or more stories, released over the course of the week. I had the opportunity to art direct many incredible illustrators for these membership guides.
Taming Big Tech
︎ Michael George Haddad

Can India kick its coal addiction?
︎ Daniele Simonelli

The airline industry’s tipping point
︎ Christine Rösch

The vaping invasion
︎ Camilo Medina

Autonomous vehicles: Let’s try that again 
︎ Leonardo Yorka

How China took over the art world
︎ Lucy Jones

The data boom
︎ Ana Kova

The future of food is in Israel
︎ Sail Ho Studio

The new management
︎ Jannes Iivonen

Silicon Valley goes to Washington
︎ Alicia Tatone

The tech IPO boom
︎ Daniele Simonelli

The board is broken
︎ Eline Schipperen

The next recession
︎ Alessandro Cripsta
The plastic boom
︎ Thomas White

What comes after the iPhone?
︎ Dalbert B. Vilarino

The coming 5G revolution
︎ Matt Chinworth

The future of banking
︎ Irene Rinaldi

The future of work
︎ Noa Snir

Rebooting the Hollywood franchise
︎ Jennifer Dionisio

The Quartz guide to travel
︎ Liz Riccardi

How sneakers took over fashion
︎ Ada Buchholc

Boeing’s current crisis
︎ Daniele Simonelli

Gene reading
︎ Jaime Jacob

Batteries: Big Oil’s big challenge
︎ Tsjisse Talsma

Sovereign wealth makes its move
︎ Michael George Haddad

The new Microsoft
︎ Ana Kova
The future of meat
︎ Jeannie Phan

The future of war
︎ Sandro Rybak

Ola, India’s ride-hailing unicorn
︎ Vidhya Nagarajan

China’s Africa project
︎ Paige Vickers

Can technology make us better parents?
︎ Ana Matsusaki

The new philanthropy
︎ Claire Merchlinsky

︎ Sidney Sue Howard

The rise of the microinfluencer
︎ Cari Vander Yacht

Ant financial: China’s $150 billion fintech giant
︎ Zack Rosebrugh 

Hidden money
︎ Seb Agresti

The business of immortality
︎ Bárbara Malagoli

Britain after Brexit
︎ Sonya Korshenboym

Crypto after the crash
︎ Minji Moon